Revolutionize Your Relationship To Food – Here’s How To Get Real

Most of us think an apple is just an apple.

Okay, maybe you can get an organic one – that’s pretty good.

But the truth is there are apples that house dimensions in taste and nutrition that don’t just start and stop with the apple skin.

Keep reading. Because I’m going to reveal to you the secret ingredient most of us are missing from our nutritional plans. Once you start adding it into your eating, it can change everything.

Let me start with a short story…
The other morning before the bus came, my son came over and joined me under the old Spencer apple tree in the front of the yard. As I gathered drops from the ground to feed to the goats and turkeys, he took a stick and carefully plucked off 3 mottled red beauties dangling above us.

“Mom,” he announced breathlessly as burst in the house later that afternoon when the bus dropped him off. “I took those apples to school and Josiah loved them!”

He grinned, reveling in the experiencing of introducing his friend to the sweetness hidden under a scarred, slightly discolored apple. Sweetness he savored having done the work of picking these apples oh so carefully.

See, here’s the thing…
If you’re inspired by a blog or cooking show, you can pretty easily find any ingredient you need at your local supermarket. We’re inundated with options for how we eat.

Farmers markets have popped up everywhere and people are willing to spend a sizeable part of the paycheck at stores like Whole Foods. There’s a new appreciation of the value of food.

But one crucial ingredient is missing from this food revolution…

The Secret Ingredient Most Of Us Are Missing In Our Meals

We’re still missing one ingredient that really helps food taste exceptional – work.

See food is really part of a simple equation: You work to produce calories… and then you burn those calories to work.

I remember first experiencing this equation firsthand when I did my first farming apprenticeship. I distinctly remember squatting there in the pouring rain planting broccoli seedlings in the field. Cold, wet and tired, I came in to eat the simple but hearty farm lunch the farmer’s wife had prepared for us.

It tasted so incredible. russian grocery store

That day I realized that I had recovered an experience fundamental to human existence that I had long been divorced from. That sweet very tight cycle of working hard growing food to sustain yourself.

I look around at the wealth of calories and titillating tastes available to us Americans. And I look at the growing waistlines so many of us struggle with and I know what we’re missing.

Sure we exercise. Sure we all try to eat more healthy.

But most of us have lost that very close relationship with our food where what we put in our mouths has been hard won with our sweat.

Real Food Appreciation Revolutionizes Your Meals

When you work for something, everything tastes that much better.

And when we eat food with this deep enjoyment of what it’s providing us, how we eat changes.

Simple foods become gourmet. But even more importantly, we savor food for more than just its flavor or documented nutritional value. We feel how good it is to eat after all that work.

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